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Yep. I got one. Two actually. I’m that awesome.

Background: The HP Touchpad was HP’s answer to the iPad. Touting WebOS – arguably the best mobile OS out there (due to its intuitive card system), the product’s life was cut short after just a few weeks in the wild, when HP publicly stated due to poor sales they were dumping the tablet, and exiting the hardware business – which may also extend to their consumer PC and Laptop lines.

After wasting all of the weekend trying to take advantage of the resulting fire sale across a variety of American retailers such as Best Buy and Walmart – with no freight forwarder joy, all hope was lost … until a surprise sale at 2pm at Harvey Norman stores Australia wide.

News first broke on The Australian, when the general manager of Harvey Norman Ben McIntosh announced the Touchpad would go sale for $98 and $148 for the 16gb and 32gb SKU’s  respectively starting at 2pm today (22/08/2011) at Harvey Norman stores, after HP allowed the retailer to sell the units at a run out price in the wake of the similarly epic American sale.

Harvey Norman was the exclusive retailer for the HP Touchpad’s in Australia (HP approached Harvey to sell them initially – not the other way around).

My wife was on the scene at the Brisbane CBD store in that moment’s notice, and she was quick to get there before anyone else. Second only to a couple who just happened to be in the store at the time the madness started, we were set to get our Touchpad on.

Photo of the Brisbane CBD Harvey Norman madness courtesy of me.

In a line that actually trumped the iPad 2 line I was in earlier this year in Myer, there was definitely going to be hearts broken. Around 100 people gathered between 12:30-1:30. 54 units were in stock – 10 of which were 16gb models. And some of the people in front had been given promises they could have more than one (one guy who got there shortly after my wife got 4). Losers aside, we were victorious!!

Now we have no clue how good these are because we have never used one, but we’ll be sure to put up a review in the near future once we charge it up and slap a protector on it.