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Amazon has just finished unveiling its new series of Kindle Products. We have the following:

The Kindle Touch: an upgraded version of the Kindle you know and love, now with IR sensors. Kiss that silly keyboard goodbye. Page turning is done by touching an invisible column on either end of the screen. Makes sense to us. $99US for this baby. A 3G version will also be available for $149US. And a non-touch version is also there, for the dirt cheap price of $79US. Preorders start today, ships early November.

The Kindle Fire: a dual-core 7” Android tablet for $199US. Free cloud storage – anything you buy you can delete from the device and retrieve wirelessly whenever, wherever just like a, um, Kindle. No camera or mic on board, but at this quality and price who cares? Runs a custom version of Android, built for reading books, magazines and webpages. Its onboard web browser utilises cloud computing to achieve high performance web browsing by sharing computing power dynamically with the cloud for rendering. It looks similar to a RIM Blackberry Playbook, only without the suck. Ships mid November.

This really is a game changer, but it all depends if people wake up to themselves. The fact is, most people “have to have” an iPad, then get one and just web browse on it. Similar to when they had to have an iPhone, yet just sent text messages and made calls with it, where a $20 Nokia would suffice (and provide far longer battery life).

People are idiots, and will always buy something that is overly excessive of their needs. But for those that wake up to themselves, the Kindle Fire might just be the device many non-techies need, sporting all the core features – web browsing, books and casual gaming, all at a third of the price of an iPad. And with greater portability I might add.

Via Bloomberg, Engadget