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Although not confirmed, it’s looking increasingly likely that EDIT: Confirmed – the TweetDeck app for Android and iOS is on its last legs dead. Following the release of the new Twitter app for mobile devices today, along with the Twitter site refresh and the release of TweetDeck for web and Mac OSX, it appears TweetDeck is being slowly repurposed to act exclusively as Twitter’s desktop client.

After seeing the app rebadged with a blue icon reminiscent of the native OSX Twitter app, further digging around the TweetDeck website begins to seal our fears and to our dismay, back our suspicions of a likely closure of the social app we’ve grown so dearly attached to. These fears are substantiated first and foremost by the complete removal of all mentions of the TweetDeck mobile apps, with the site acting like they’ve never existed. In addition, the TweetDeck support page now directs you straight to Twitter, with platforms and support topics only listed for the desktop version.

The TweetDeck website in its previous form showcased the various iterations of the popular social application, including its Android, iOS and Chrome flavours. All but the Chrome and the newly released web version remain.

After direct messaging @TweetDeck using my personal Twitter account I was given the following response:

Although TweetDeck’s fate was relatively sealed to begin with when the company TweetDeck Inc was purchased by Twitter earlier this year, we are beginning to see the imminent restructure of the Twitter group of properties, for better or worse.

I am personally saddened by these events, because I adore TweetDeck. I know it’s only an app, but I’ve shared many a memory through them and have preferred their implementation of the Twitter and Facebook feeds in its genius, fast scrolling list format.


  • Anonymous

    I absolutely hate Twitter for doing this. It was probably one of the best apps ever on Android and I’d been so eagerly waiting for an update. Although, after Tweetdeck’s acquisition, I had my doubts over it’s future, I certainly didn’t think that it’d be completely killed off on the mobile side. Such a shame!

  • jivemaster

    I know. The worst thing is that nobody cares – not even Engadget. I tipped them about this the day I found out and posted this story, and they never bothered to even run a short snippet of story on it.