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Although not confirmed, it’s looking increasingly likely that EDIT: Confirmed – the TweetDeck app for Android and iOS is on its last legs dead. Following the release of the new Twitter app for mobile devices today, along with the Twitter site refresh and the release of TweetDeck for web and Mac OSX, it appears TweetDeck is being slowly repurposed to act exclusively as Twitter’s desktop client.


Let me say this right now – if you are in the market for the best Android phone available to date, you’ve found it. The Galaxy Nexus is without a doubt the clear choice above all others, providing the latest Android OS, guaranteed first updates for 12 months, the speed of full system wide hardware acceleration, a camera that takes shots instantly, and an obscenely high resolution screen which is arguably the best in the industry. Read on for an in depth look at what’s on offer.


Jizmo is all for portable entertainment, and there’s no better portable entertainment device than a tablet or smartphone, because you know – it’s on you 24/7.

The biggest issue however is keeping your media collection portable enough to use when you really need it. Many people accumulate music and TV shows on a regular basis in physical or digital format. But that’s not much use to you on the optical disc it came on or the PC/Mac hard drive it was downloaded to when you’re on the go.


Amazon has just finished unveiling its new series of Kindle Products. We have the following:

The Kindle Touch: an upgraded version of the Kindle you know and love, now with IR sensors. Kiss that silly keyboard goodbye. Page turning is done by touching an invisible column on either end of the screen. Makes sense to us. $99US for this baby. A 3G version will also be available for $149US. And a non-touch version is also there, for the dirt cheap price of $79US. Preorders start today, ships early November.


EDIT: And just like that, we are again banished from using the Amazon app store.

Pockergamer.co.uk broke news today that the Amazon Appstore, previously only available to those in the USA, is now available Worldwide.

While we cannot confirm that the Appstore is indeed working worldwide, we can confirm first hand that it is working in Australia.

Get your apk from here, login with your (legit) Amazon account, and enjoy the benefits – including daily sales and Amazon exclusives (like Plants vs Zombies).