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It’s time to Jizmo…?!?

My sister-in-law Sam said that I should start a tech blog, considering the amount of tech related crap I buy and how opinionated I am. Thought about it for a bit and it kinda made sense. I mean, I have a lot of love to give. Plus adding another blog to the list of websites I already neglect to update couldn’t hurt.

As an avid rss reader, you will likely see me time and time again quoting a whole story and having a whinge. At other times, I might go off on a tangent and review an iPad app, or complain about how I hate the regional pricing on steam. It’s going to be kinda cool. Hope to see you weekly (because let’s face it, do you really see updates happening daily?).

Oh and why the name? Simple: many times I’ve gotten some tech and gone “hey, I hate yet love this so much, I could make love to this thing.” That’s right. Whether it’s really awesome tech that makes you want to jism, or whether you hate something so much you’re shooting blanks, we have you covered. Or something.

Kind of a one-man show at the moment, so don’t expect hourly updates. It ain’t possible (without getting fired). Rather than pummelling you with news stories, we’re focusing on the major happenings worthy of note each day, from our perspective.