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Let me say this right now – if you are in the market for the best Android phone available to date, you’ve found it. The Galaxy Nexus is without a doubt the clear choice above all others, providing the latest Android OS, guaranteed first updates for 12 months, the speed of full system wide hardware acceleration, a camera that takes shots instantly, and an obscenely high resolution screen which is arguably the best in the industry. Read on for an in depth look at what’s on offer.


Well it’s been a bit over a week after finally receiving my Samsung Series 5 Chromebook, and it’s about time to post my initial impressions.

The non-geeks of you are probably asking: what the hell is a Chromebook? Simply put, a Chromebook is a laptop built solely for web browsing. Chromebooks run Chrome OS, which is Google’s custom flavour of Linux. Chrome OS is literally all browser. Nothing else.