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Whether you like them or hate them, the tablet phenomenon has hit the retail world hard in an explosive manner, turning the once niche tech into everyone’s next gadget purchase. Although tablet PC’s have been around for some time, it took the advent of the iPad for the technology to make it onto the list of desirable items for the regular consumer. However while your regular consumer grade tablets are great for consuming media and playing casual games, what happens when you need real computing power? You know, the kind required to use real Microsoft Office, or the fully fledged version of Photoshop. What happens if you need to use a real browser, because a tablet browser does not have the functionality behind it in order to navigate through a more complex site? And sometimes you want to work with real files between various applications, rather than working in an isolated storage space in each application (like in iOS). Well, look no further. It appears the first tablet PC to actually make you want a tablet PC is here.